Are You Ready?

Ensure complete emergency readiness, responsiveness, and recovery with Naturally Freeman.

makes business continuity business as usual.

Create a zero RTO reality for your organization

  • Immediately deploy alternates or stopgap solutions when critical applications go down, cutting out RTO
  • Restore communications by switching over to Naturally Freeman’s secure and separate platform when standard communications are down

Capture the entire business continuity plan life cycle

  • Seamlessly move essential function documentation and other data through each state of the planning process, from assessment to plan implementation
  • Customize a business impact analysis/risk assessment for your organization from a template
  • Integrate and schedule reminders at predetermined intervals to keep plan up-to-date
  • Make stakeholder participation painless using simple Forms

Dynamically scale recovery plans

  • Keep recovery plans reactive to meet the level of impact across systems and resources
  • Stay flexible through predetermined actions that answer changing circumstances and personnel changes

Put recovery plans into operation automatically

  • Cut out system-to-system translation by making recovery plans flow directly into task assignments
  • Start coordinating your organization’s response as soon as you initiate a plan

We transformed a 45 minute process into a 10 minute process by putting information at our fingertips.

Risk Manager
Ohio-based Credit Union

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