Emergency Management New Year’s Resolutions: Time for Change?

As 2023 approaches, we are all looking for ways to improve our habits with some New Year’s resolutions. We make these resolutions wherever we can, from our personal lives to our professional lives. And for many of our readers, this means brushing up on their emergency management skills and knowledge.  So let’s get a bit […]

CERT: Training and Recruitment

When we think of first responders, we often picture police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and other brave professionals. But in many parts of the US, first responders often get some help from their communities to respond to emergencies. We’ve dipped into the world of CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) before on this blog. With the new […]

Business Continuity: Review and Perspective for 2023

Business continuity is a constant process of review. The new year is when we often take a step back and evaluate things as a whole, and it’s not a bad time to do the same for our business continuity plans. As the new year looms, what should business continuity planners look for in their larger […]