COVID-19 Solutions

Naturally Freeman customers have deployed over 500 solutions since February in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These can be implemented in as little as a few hours or a day, and represent the quick turnaround capabilities and quality of support Naturally Freeman provides to organizations needing to put processes online or add other digital capabilities. Our customers are using Naturally Freeman now more than ever, and we stand ready to assist and serve in managing this crisis with them.

Communication and Awareness

Official Communications

Workflows for vetting and approving internal and external communications – ensure accountability, reputation, and consistent messaging.

Daily Executive Summary

Fully customized and formatted emails aggregating data from multiple sources into an easily digestible and timely update for execs and stakeholders.

Meeting Tracker

Record meeting attendance and absences; publish and distribute meeting notes; automate follow up notifications and reminders to identified attendees.

Outbound Communication Log

Track outbound communications to stakeholders and document all necessary metadata such as when was it sent, in what format, who sent it, who it was sent to, and the type of communication.

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