GIS Mapping

Fully integrated GIS mapping adds more to your operations.

visualizes and enhances data.

Quicker geofencing and visual analysis

  • Move all incoming data from Forms and Workflows into a map view to get geo-spatial overview of an operation.

    Draw and configure shapes directly on maps to disseminate information or quickly capture data points in that area.

Make situational awareness instantaneous

  • Capture the present situation displaying relevant location data, such as street closures, in a map saved view
  • Maps reflect on-the-fly changes and update immediately to keep awareness of the situation accurate among stakeholders

Esri and ArcGIS integrations

  • Use Esri maps and ArcGIS applications data directly within the Naturally Freeman interface
  • Port over your existing ArcGIS application data into your Naturally Freeman solutions to create a complete picture of operations

Track assets in the field

  • Assign icons to object categories and display the location of assets on a map within Naturally Freeman
  • Click into icons on the map to get current reports on asset status, including condition, exact location and more

The mapping feature gives me the ability to see where I have clusters of needs to help me to direct resources efficiently.

Patricia Wallace
LMSW Director, Community Services Administration (former), City of New Haven

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