Is Your Community Prepared and Protected?

During a crisis and in everyday operations, your municipality needs its government, first responders, and key decision-makers to communicate and collaborate seamlessly. That's only possible with the right virtual EOC.

Achieve it all with one powerful EOC platform.

Communication, Collaboration, Security, and Recovery.

Give every department and team within your municipal organization a secure, stable way to communicate, share documents, and track personnel and assets. Integrating with the tools you already use, Naturally Freeman gives you online and offline functionality, automates reporting and form-fills, and is easy for all your staff to use and customize.

Prepare, Plan, and Activate.

Store plans and instantly activate for any event, automatically sending notifications to stakeholders and starting your response.

The cockpit provides your team a secure space for virtual coordination and collaboration through any emergency or planned event.

Built-in reminders and escalations streamline the plan maintenance process, ensuring all plans are up to date for activations and regulators.

Track Resources and Maintain Inventory Histories.

Kickstart the approval and tracking processes by maintaining an open resource requesting form.

Label all inventory with barcodes and integrate the manual and digital processes for seamless operation.

Capture full use histories for individual items and pull real-time usage statistics during events.

Digitize and Automate IAP, FEMA Reimbursement, and Damage Assessment.

With all your paper forms converted to digital items, gathering essential information across events and operations is simple and seamless.

Prepopulate IAPs off the data your EOC captures through its digital forms.

Easily export all virtual forms and data into reporting dashboards and print views, and upload relevant reports to FEMA and other agencies to maximize reimbursements.

You and your teams can get to work immediately. Naturally Freeman’s solution engineers customize your EOC platform to integrate seamlessly with the forms and software you’re already using. Whether you start with a few simple processes or completely digitize your operations, Naturally Freeman lets you handle a full range of important functions during emergencies, special events, or everyday operations.

Your Virtual EOC Solution is Ready.

Record Keeping for Fire Departments

Personnel Management for Fire Departments

Vehicle, Gear and Apparatus Inspections for Fire Departments

SCBA Management for Fire Departments

Equipment & Resource Databases

Work Order Management

Special Event Management

Building Inspections

Naturally Freeman is the best emergency management software available today. There's nothing even close to it.