Without Holistic Program Management, You’re Unprepared.

Providing essential services and maintaining continuity of care is your hospital’s only option. Unless your holistic program management is secured, you are unprepared for any emergency event. But with the right EOC platform, leadership, staff, and stakeholders stay connected and your services stay online.

Continuity of Care That Never Goes Offline.

Don't Let Emergencies Become Interruptions.

One powerful EOC platform can securely centralize all communications, plans, and data for your entire organization, improving both everyday operations and emergency preparedness. By fully integrating with your existing tools, forms, and processes, your Naturally Freeman solution is created to help you achieve and maintain holistic program management.


Automatically Capture HICS Forms and Other Vital Data.

Convert HICS to a digital form staff understands and can complete without issue.

Quickly and easily build customized forms to gather data when your programs needs additional information.

Monitor the status of facilities and kick off corrective actions using customized staff and patient surveys.

Weave Easy Participation into Key Processes and Operations.

Maintain security while breaking dawn silos with real-time communication, with controlled, customizable chat rooms and message threads between all stakeholders.

Ensure your program receives the necessary contributions from across your organization, thanks to automatic escalations built into your processes.

Achieve Full Data and Operational Transparency at All Levels.

Seamlessly collaborate and communicate with network members and across coalition facilities during large events.

Allow leadership, external stakeholders, and other personnel to stay up on the latest incoming data and information, which your EOC automatically pushes to reporting dashboards.

Notifications, check-ins, and survey forms keep department statuses clear and current during an EOC activation.

There’s no need to change your whole system at once. Naturally Freeman’s solution engineers can create customized applications for your entire healthcare operation, but you can also start small and simple, with just a few of these useful tools and functions. Expanding your Naturally Freeman platform in the future is also easy on your budget, with no additional software purchases needed.

Your Virtual EOC Solution is Ready.

Testing & Exercising


EOC Rounding

Points of Dispensing (PODs)

The ability to send out mass notifications with the click of a few buttons and the user-friendly environment for incident documentation have been beneficial for our needs.