K-12 School Solutions

School districts are rarely simple, and that fact extends to each district’s emergency operations. Preparedness is the key to success during an emergency response, and Naturally Freeman’s K-12 Solution gives school districts the digital tools they need to efficiently prepare and respond to events and emergencies. With built-in data gathering tools, districts can not only tackle emergencies, but streamline daily operations, case management, and more with Naturally Freeman.

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EOP and EAP Management

Build and maintain emergency operations and action plans directly in Naturally Freeman. Whether your district is activating that plan or demonstrating its compliance, everything will be seamless, smooth, and simple.

  • Develop, create, and edit plans directly in Naturally Freeman
  • Activate plans digitally and deploy notifications at the press of a button
  • Automatic version control and plan archiving
  • Dashboards and saved views let you instantly show the district’s completed and ready plans
  • Run full-scale exercise and drills in Naturally Freeman using your district’s templated EOPs and EAPs


Folder and files graphic.Awareness, Reporting, and Notifications

Information is the most important resource in a response. Naturally Freeman allows your team to mobilize data in situational reports and notifications, push relevant information to any relevant party, and keep all stakeholders informed throughout the course of the response.

  • Gather reports from stakeholders using forms
  • Compile the data on high-level dashboards for all parties to see
  • Get the right message out to the right people with custom notifications and notification templates
  • Work feedback and insights from after-action reports back into response plans and templates
  • Pre-screen campus visitors with a public form, define pre-approved visitor checklists, and keep tabs on visitors across campuses

Virus and test tube imageCase Management and SROs

Strong visibility and permissions settings allow schools and districts the ability to totally manage student cases digitally with strict control over student privacy and data. The Naturally Freeman web and mobile applications enable school resource officers and staff to log any important information as it happens.

  • Maintain student privacy with robust visibility and permissions settings, wrapping in only the necessary parties when needed.
  • Put data recording and logging directly into the hands of case managers, school staff, and SROs
  • Automatically route new tickets and cases to the appropriate people


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Family Reunification Operations

In the confusion after an event, schools and districts still have to get students safely back to their families. Reunification is a large and complex operation, and it helps to have a ready-to-use solution. Naturally Freeman let’s your district respond not only to the event immediately, but will help settle the dust after as well.

  • Assign tasks and reporting locations to staff automatically
  • Send notifications out to parents and guardians with pick-up and required ID details
  • Give personnel the tools to seamlessly coordinate between disparate locations and teams
  • Store approved parent and guardian pick-up lists


We can't imagine managing [a] crisis without [Naturally Freeman]… We’re able to manage data, resources, and health alerting in real-time, and we know we are just getting started with its capabilities.