Maintain Business Continuity Through Any Disruption

The threats to your business are many, constant, and unpredictable. Spreadsheets and standalone documents simply cannot handle multiple simultaneous threats and black swan events like COVID-19. A flexible solution will guide your organization through disruptions, keep losses and downtime to a minimum, and set the course for recovery.

Resilience Comes with a Comprehensive BCMP

Put Incidents Behind Your Business and Quickly Restore Operations

One powerful virtual EOC platform can digitize and transform the way your airport communicates and operates, integrating seamlessly with your important tools and processes. With Naturally Freeman, you can give your airport one solution for asset tracking, regulatory compliance, badging, emergency preparedness, and fast, coordinated response to any crisis.

Understand Your Risks and Get Ahead of Incidents

A fully-integrated, automatic BIA process helps your program accurately capture all the possible risks and disruptions across operations.

Workflows, built-in escalation rules, notifications, and reminders make you and other stakeholders aware.

Run full-scale virtual exercises regularly, allowing personnel and other stakeholders to learn their roles without interrupting daily operations.

A Snapshot of All Your Business Operations

Get a complete overview of your business continuity program, including plans, risks, recovery strategies, and more through reporting dashboards.

Move program data up to leadership, across your organization, external stakeholders, and regulators using tailored saved views of forms, workflows, and dashboards.

Integrated Crisis Management and Incident Response

Message stakeholders through the cockpit and push information via curated notifications before, during, and after a disruption.

Audit your team’s actions from the response and work those corrective actions back into your response processes.

Naturally Freeman’s flexibility helps you adapt your organizations plans and processes with new insights and requirements.

We know what it takes to build a complete business continuity management program. See each of these solutions and what they offer your organization.

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