Uninterrupted Situational Awareness, and Safety.

Your emergency management program can't succeed without cross-campus communication and collaboration. You need to bring in critical information from across departments to build plans and keep your campus ready to respond.

Bring the Whole Campus into the EOC, Every Day.

Is Your Campus Ready for Game Day, Natural Disasters, and Civil Unrest?

By simplifying cross-campus collaboration, making every system resilient, and automating critical planning functions, Naturally Freeman enables emergency managers and department leadership to wrap an entire school into the emergency planning and responses processes, break down silos and communication barriers, and create a common operating picture during from the busiest daily activities to he most extreme emergency events.

Get started with Flagship.

Let our solution engineers fully customize your EOC platform to suit the unique needs of your campus.

Digitize the entire emergency management cycle, from planning, everyday operations, to response, after-action, and review. Naturally Freeman is also easy for your own staff to customize, and you Flagship platform seamlessly integrates with the important software you already rely on.

Create a common operating picture across departments.

Your Naturally Freeman solution keeps every department and team in secure contact during day-to-day operations, special events, and emergencies using dashboards with tailored views and customized notifications.

Run full scale drills and exercises with all response stakeholders to ensure smooth, secure operations of big on and off-campus events, as well as preparedness for emergencies.

Make program reporting and logistics easy and worry-free.

Your school’s visitor tracking, asset allocation, work order, emergency planning, and continuity programs are centralized in an always-accessible virtual platform.

Your processes are enhanced and protected, with digital workflows, built-in escalation rules, and reminders.

Reporting to school leadership and other key stakeholders is simple, automated data collection and dashboards that update in real-time.

Naturally Freeman's Flagship platform is a powerful, adaptable combination of tools designed especially for higher education and customized for your campus's unique needs and processes.

Your Virtual EOC Solution.

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Travel Registry

IT Disaster Recovery

IAP & ICS Management

Higher Education Flagship Solution

Building Emergency Action Plans

The most common type of weakness in any type of emergency situation is most often a breakdown of communication. Naturally Freeman quarterly training for its participants has greatly reduced the risk in any barriers of communication.