Are You Ready for Today's Threats?

Cyberattacks. Natural disasters. Breakdowns of communication and loss of institutional knowledge. Legacy systems and pen-and-paper processes can't make you ready for major incidents or help resolve them when they occur. Give your utility an integrated, powerful, virtual EOC platform that can.

Keep Service Downtime Close to Zero.

Protected from Threats, and Ready to Respond.

During disasters and everyday operations, you can keep services flowing. Your EOC instantly kickstarts the response, centralizes communications, and reports data across the organization. Your Naturally Freeman virtual EOC platform is always available.

One Platform, One Operating Picture, and All Critical Your Data.

Integrate and enhance your existing tools and processes. Port over real-time and historical operations data and track all assets in real time.

Maintain a shared collaborative space and common operating picture with dashboards and automated reporting  across all levels of your organization, including outside agencies.

We're Secure So You're Secure.

Naturally Freeman’s industrial grade encryption and robust security features protect your utility’s data from bad actors.

Always have a back up for outages and down systems by spinning up communications and alternate processes in Naturally Freeman.

Centralize your utility’s daily and incident response operations and prevent data and communication silos.

Continuity of Knowledge and Information.

Preserve the institutional trade knowledge of your team through digital processes that replicate established operations.

Easily pass useful security intelligence from shift to shift within your utility’s security operations center.

Handle both sides of mutual aid operations – tracking resources and crews, assigning work orders, communicating with the media, and more.

Let Naturally Freeman's team customize a comprehensive platform solution for your organization, or upgrade your capabilities and replace legacy systems one step at a time. There's no need for additional software purchases to add new modules to your Naturally Freeman Flow solution.

A Suite of Solutions for Every Utility.

Incident Response & Daily Operations

Security Operations Center

Emergency Management

Mutual Aid & Assistance

I love the tool. I'm in it all day, every day. It works great. It can streamline SOPs, checklists, and workflows. And there is just so much more I know we can do.